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Introducing/Free: The Well-Informed “Venus & The Black Veil”

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NOTE: Bandcamp only allows artists limited free downloads. If the download is no longer offered for free please consider providing your support to the musician by paying for the music.

You can get The Well-Informed’s Venus & The Black Veil for FUCKING FREE on Bandcamp (below). In fact, you can get their whole album there for free.

5 second review: I love this fucking song so much it’s sick. I love it love it love it love it love it. That’s my review. I’m not lying, it is. At least until VolumeCity takes this review down because it’s not really a review. Why do I love this song? Just listen to it. Venus & The Black Veil is self-explanatory greatness. It is by far the best song of 2011. Everyone in the world will love this song. You – reading this right now – will love this song! I promise.

Checklist to assure that you will love this song:

  • y/n – Do you love music?
  • y/n – Do you love GREAT Music?

If you answered ‘y’ to either of these question you will LOVE this song.

Connect to The Well-Informed: Web | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


About The Well-Informed:

I dunno. There’s nothing out there. They’re from Brooklyn. Maybe they’ll drop me a line and I can update.

In the meantime…this review might get me fired from VolumeCity. But that’s ok because I have this song and I FUCKING LOVE IT!


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