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Vanbot – Make Me, Break Me

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Track Listing:
1. Make Me, Break Me

Make Me, Break Me: Wow, what a way to emerge on the music scene, and seemingly from nowhere (the Vanbot facebook page has 456 fans as of this writing)… With more than a few passing similarities to already famous pop act, Robyn (as if I had to point this out), the Swedes throw out even more stellar electronic pop with Vanbot!  It’s the kind of song that really ups the game on the genericism of the current charts, clashing a catchy yet skillfully restrained verse with an exhilaratingly mechanised chorus. The erratic electricity spiders throughout ‘Make Me, Break Me’, and exemplifies how to promote music with staying power for sure!

Click here to download ‘Make Me, Break Me’ for free from the Vanbot SoundCould page.

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